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Ponteland Tri Club - Endurance Tri Suit

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Our Endurance Tri Suit has been developed to hit the sweet spot between the multiple requirements needed for endurance racing. Breathability, aerodynamics, comfort, temperature regulation and practicality were all important drivers, not forgetting our core requirement in all development which is sustainability.

Using multiple high-quality Recycled Fabrics and manufactured in our factory which uses 100% renewable energy the Endurance Tri Suit exceeds expectations for Triathletes.


  • 100% Recycled Fabrics*
  • High Flex Raw Cut sleeves
  • One-Piece Suit with full-length zip making cooling and convenience stops easier
  • Rear Pockets
  • YKK Lockable Zip
  • Italian Tri Specific Pad
  • Made in the EU

*We haven't yet been able to source recycled cuffs, but we're looking into this.

      delivery & returns

      Sustainability is at that heart of this what we do and this includes your order. Your items will be individually wrapped in home compostable packaging. Please place this with your food scraps and garden waste.

      As your items are custom-made, we are unable to accept returns. Please ensure you have chosen the correct sizing based on the size guide. All sales are final and may not be changed or cancelled at any time. In case of faulty garments or issues along the supply chain, Presca will endeavour to repair or reimburse as appropriate.

      As your items are custom-made to your club’s specifications, you will be advised by your club shop as to when orders are due for delivery. If you would like an update as to where your order is, please check your club’s webshop or contact your kit manager as they will be updated throughout the process.

      Delivery will either be made directly to your kit manager, who will then organise distribution, or direct from us; this is decided by your kit manager at the time of ordering, so please check with them about their chosen delivery setup.