Terms & Conditions

Date: 06/05/21
Revision: 2021-01

All relevant tenders and quotations are submitted, and all orders accepted, are subject to the following terms and conditions for teamwear to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions except such (if any) as are specifically accepted by the Company, Presca Ltd trading as Presca Sportswear, in writing.
Acceptance of delivery shall be conclusive evidence of acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any provision or condition in the buyer’s order form or elsewhere which conflicts with or in any way qualifies or negates any of these terms and conditions shall have no effect and these terms and conditions shall prevail. No variations to these terms and conditions shall be binding unless in writing and signed by an authorised representative of Presca Ltd trading as Presca Sportswear.


Sizes are based on our sizing chart which is available to use, Presca Ltd trading as Presca Sportswear are not liable for sizing issues unless the label and measurements do not match.


Unless otherwise stated all prices include VAT.  Presca Ltd trading as Presca Sportswear reserves the right to revise any agreed prices to take account of changes in rates of value added tax and any new taxes or impositions by the United Kingdom government which take effect after the date of contract.

Transit Damage

These must be reported to your kit manager and Presca within 24 hours of receipt of the goods and confirmed in writing by the Customer.

Cancellation of kit

Should the customer not wish to accept delivery of bespoke teamwear manufactured for them, we cannot offer a refund (i.e due to wrong garment size). These are considered as special orders; all sales are final and may not be changed or cancelled at any time. We will look to reimburse monies for any fault and issues in supply chain.